Thank You, LUT

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
You know that the stakes have never been higher for our profession and your efforts leading up to the November 6th elections were relentless.
Due to your unwavering activism, educators and the state's working people were the big winners in this election. (see the article below for a more detailed report on the elections)
Most importantly, we sent a resounding message to the former leaders of the State Senate - we remembered! And attempts to thwart NYSUT's APPR legislation and increase support for charter schools came with consequences.
We proved once again that when NYSUT members vote, we win!

Thank You Donna DiPalo

Due to the diligence of LUT Elementary Schools Vice President, Donna DiPalo, over the last two years, The Levittown United Teachers were able to put thousands of books into children's hands.
On October 30th, Donna and the LUT, harnessing the resources of NYSUT, held a First Book event for the first time ever in Levittown. Children from the Title I schools in our district came in droves to the LMEC gymnasium to collect free books ranging in levels from pre-K to young adult.
In attendance were Board Members, Central Office Staff, administrators and faculty members. Thank you, Donna, for making this event such a huge success!
Thank you, Teaching Assistants!
On Tuesday November 20th, we celebrate School Related Professionals Recognition Day. It is important on this day, to recognize the hard-work our Teaching Assistants do to help our students learn. We see them work with teachers every day to help students learn and master material. Thank you, TAs, you are a dynamic force in our classrooms!
Thank you, Membership!
Beginning in late September, the LUT's negotiating team set out on their listening tour. We met with membership to find out what you believe is best for your Union. Members we met with were passionate, prepared and informed.
Thank you, membership, for your valuable feedback and support as we enter these negotiations on November 26th. Stay tuned for frequent updates as we put your ideas into action and advocate for fair and reasonable increases and proper working conditions.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!