Welcome Back LUT

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The LUT Officers would like to welcome you back to the 2020 school year.  A school year like none of us has ever experienced in our lifetime.

Who could have imagined that when we closed schools back in March, for what we thought would only be a few weeks, that we would end up here?  But, here we are…

We know and appreciate that this has been a completely overwhelming way to start the school year.  Many are filled with insecurity. We are left with tremendous unease about how to navigate all of this foreign technology.  Many feel the loss of control over their classrooms. A place that typically provided certainties now looks unfamiliar and unmanageable.  And we know all of you are filled with worry over your students.  You are left concerned about the impact this new type of learning will have on them both socially and academically.

Yet, we know, that the root of all this worry, insecurity and, angst, comes from your strong desire to get it right.  To be the very best you can under these most challenging of circumstances.  Your professionalism and commitment to your students are never-ending.  Nothing about this is going to be easy or perfect.  We know it, and Central Office knows it as well.

We also know that many of you are concerned about your health and safety as we return to a place where we will have more exposure to people than we have collected over the last 6 months.  Again, while nothing is perfect, it is important to know that the people in charge of bringing your schools to a safe place to reopen have taken your health and livelihoods very seriously.  Passionate discussions yielded 6 feet of distancing and masks at all times, barriers at the elementary level, temperatures taken at the doors, extensive purchasing of a variety of PPE, and a comprehensive review, cleaning and, updating of our HVAC systems.

Locally, our Union has done everything they can to lead and support members during this difficult time.  We would like to thank the building reps for all their hard work since closing in March.  We also know that Central Office has worked tirelessly to protect students, staff and, programs.  No easy task when working with a limited budget and differing opinions of what is ‘right’ from all of the major stakeholders in the district.

Let’s set our sights on getting through the first couple of days. Keep your spirits high next week. Stay patient, focused and, positive. Do the best you can, but don't ask perfection of yourself or anyone around you. Please be kind to yourself, and let’s all remain diligent in looking out for one another. Please let us know when and if you need help. We promise to do the best we can to support you through this most unusual back to school season in our lifetimes.

We have been charged with a monumental task.  We know that you’ll do your best to find success in these difficult times!

In Unity,

Your Union Officers